Fan channels under pressure as the football hiatus continues


YouTube football presenters have described the current lockdown as ‘a scary time’ and spoken of the lack of content during the football season break.

They claim their channels will have to adapt to stay afloat during the lockdown.

James Jenkinson from Birmingham Fan TV is struggling with the lack of football to report on during the lockdown. Jenkinson said: “For obvious reasons it has disrupted our schedule and the frequency we can release and create content at.

James Jenkinson from Birmingham Fan TV

“It’s difficult but we are going to turn our podcast into a weekly event and also bring back some talking points from previous seasons. We may get a bit nostalgic and talk about some good times from the past.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the football season has been put on hold. The official postponement was announced on the 19th March and it has been speculated that the 8th June is the date it will be resumed.

With the uncertain future of football at the moment some teams are hoping for the return of their respective leagues more than others. West Brom have not been in the Premier League since 2018 and being in an automatic promotion place they are hoping the Championship will continue.

Conor Ashfield works for West Brom Fan TV and since the season has stopped he has been struggling with content.

Ashfield said: “It’s going to be a difficult period. I think it will be incredibly challenging to Leeds and ourselves (West Brom) if we don’t get promoted, or at least have the opportunity.

“We haven’t been in the Premier League for a couple of years now and it has affected us because there is less attention in the lower leagues. Making it to the Premier League could help us a lot as a channel.”

The EFL and Premier League has not set a return date for the season with it being postponed indefinitely. The Premier League has confirmed it will not return soon saying: “It was acknowledged that the season will not return at the beginning of May and only will when it is safe to.”


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