ELECTION 2019 – The Battle for Birmingham: Selly Oak


Daisy Oldershaw and Laura Wood reporting

After a consistent voting-in of Labour MPs since 1992, is Selly Oak on track for another year of the same?

Counting down the days until the election on December 12, the constituency, best known for the University of Birmingham and its large number of student residents – is set to vote for its favourite candidate.

Here’s who’s in the running –

Running for the Labour Party, Steve McCabe.

Steve McCabe is 64 years old and originally from Port Glasgow on the banks of the River Clyde. He’s been based in the area for decades and has had an extensive parliamentary career.

On the 1st of August 2017, McCabe was one of the MPs outed in the expenses scandal back in 2009. At the time it was reported that he overclaimed on his mortgage by £4,059. He later stated that he did ‘make an error’ in his claim and his money was repaid in a deduction from his next claim.

Following the Cyber Attack that happened on Monday, Labour has said

If this is a sign of things to come in this election, I feel very nervous about it all because a cyber attack against a political party in an election is suspicious, something one is very worried about.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader

Running for the Conservative Party is Hannah Campbell, who is based in Worcestershire.

Hannah Campbell (Twitter)

Hannah has been a target for internet trolls, and also received death threats in 2016, whilst campaigning to become a Conservative councillor in Malvern.

Running for the Liberal Democrats is Dave Radcliffe.

Dave is married to Victoria Marsom and is originally from Oundle in Northamptonshire.

He was elected as Lib Dem councillor for the Selly Oak ward in 2005 and again in 2010, campaigning for value for money and cracking down on fraud.

His pledge to local people is to continue fighting for local services, including better kerbside recycling collections.

Running for the Green Party, Joe Peacock

Peacock is against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, and, he says that as a family man, his main priorities include stopping Brexit and protecting the environment.

The Green Party in Birmingham have launched a crowdfunding page to raise money as they currently don’t have enough to achieve their aim of a candidate standing in every constituency in the city.

Are you registered to vote in your area? Be ready to have your say on Thursday 12 December.


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