Cricket season halted by Covid-19


A former Harborne captain and long time member has revealed the club may not play this season due to the Coronavirus.

Birmingham cricket clubs have started to feel the effects of Coronavirus following the ECB (England and Wales cricket board) decision to delay the start of the season.

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The circumstances have started to impact on the sporting world as well.

One club that will be affected by this is Harborne cricket club, who play in the Birmingham District league.

Former Harborne captain and 30-year member Alan Wild said: “It’s quite possible we won’t play this entire season. It’s a worrying time.”

There used to be four divisions in this league until it was cut to just two divisions and a couple of feeder leagues.

Harborne were promoted into the second division just before they made the cut to two divisions.

“Yes, the circumstances have halted our momentum as we were starting to train for the season” Wild said.

Harborne have six Saturday teams and two Sunday teams.
When it comes to memberships there will be a lot of players to inform.

“We’re just waiting for the season to start” Wild said.

However, if the season does start then depending on when it begins there could be some complications like how many games will be played and if there will be time to play home and away alongside the playoff games.

“The playoffs could just complicate matters” said Wild.

“There are 12 teams in each division, so each team has 11 opponents, We could play one game against each opponent” Wild said.
The latest the season can start is in July, if not by then it will have to be cancelled.


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