Businesses working alongside local communities during the pandemic


A man from Solihull who runs the company MotorServ UK has used their resources to help local people within the local community during the global pandemic. 

Kamran Saleem pictured with the garage of the year award. Credit: Motorserv UK

After the world was thrown into uncertain times at the beginning of last year, entrepreneur Kamran Saleem, 38 described how the community helped each other out. “I feel the community really came together, and we got a lot of support and care from our customers.  We had a lot of work booked in, which could have waited and wasn’t necessary, but people were looking to help us out, and this really meant and still means a lot.”

Covid-19 cases have risen drastically recently in Solihull, with a reported number of 52, 618 people infected and 1, 162 local deaths caused by the virus. 

Kamran Saleem balanced work-life at the MotorServ UK company, whilst also helping the NHS and other key workers for over six months. “During the pandemic, local charities and homeless shelters were overwhelmed by users and demand. I took the decision to run a weekly SUV full of food and goods to help and this was very gratefully received. With the quieter time, I was able to strategize and really plan our reopening and movements in the latter part of the year.”

Jo Lamontagne, a business expert, and website designer shared how businesses can keep afloat, “During this time it is a great opportunity for people who own businesses to evaluate their brand and decide if the business is in need of a revamp or any areas of improvement. Changing how you work alongside clients will help to adjust to the pandemic, for example, I am able to teach people about web design online so people can continue to work remotely.” 

Credit: MotorServ UK

Kamran told Birmingham Eastside, “We have sourced mainly face masks, hand sanitizers, and nitrile gloves. We offered these at a cost to our clients, families, and friends and gave away hundreds of boxes to health and care community workers. We also had orders in from West Midlands Police officers and other front-line staff. For the first time, a lot of the trade wasn’t car-related!” 

Kamran with a motorserv-UK vehicle. Credit: MotorServUK

GPDQ is the UK’s first and leading GP on-demand service. They contacted MotorservUK to source several Saloon Cars, drafted in by Birmingham and North London councils to assist the ambulance services. 

GPDQ’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anshu Bhagat told Birmingham Eastside: “We needed to source three vehicles to fit specific criteria with regards to infection control over the weekend. Kamran and his team stepped up to the challenge and delivered the necessary vehicles ready to launch on Tuesday morning. This level of service is exemplary and quite frankly we are eternally grateful to him for the support provided to us.”

Kamran reflected on the progress the company has made. “Looking back, I would probably have been less hesitant in the earlier months and would have pushed ahead a lot quicker with online services. But overall, I am happy with the closing figures for the year and we have still experienced significant growth even though the pandemic has plagued us all year.” 


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