Black New Street: A documentary showcasing black businesses gets released next week


A documentary looking at the past, present and future of black businesses in Birmingham is being premiered next week.

Celebrating Black History Month, Creme and Punch Records have co-commissioned the documentary. It will take a look at the legacy of Birmingham’s black businesses and customs.

“It’s a surprisingly low amount of black people who are here in this country, but our presence and our culture is massive.” RTKal, DJ and rapper.

The name takes inspiration from the historical examples of black-owned businesses in America.

It’s also set to explore what the future could like for black entrepreneurs in the city.

Black New Street will be showcased online on 22nd October at 4pm.

It will include interviews from The P Word, a leadership development programme for diverse artists and entrepreneurs. The P Word targets “professional roadblocks preventing business growth and success.”

It’s also supported by leadership experts from The Centre For Research In Ethnicity Minority Entrepreneurship “Creme” and Punch at Aston Business School.

The documentary has been produced by Click Visusals.

You can register for free on Event Brite to watch Black New Street when it premieres next Thursday.


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