Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone will start next summer


Mandatory charges will be applied on vehicles travelling in the city

Credit: Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council has confirmed that they will implement the controversial Clean Air Zone in June 2021, after it was postponed this year.

The government have put these measurements in the city to tackle the rising pollution issues. In a report by Defra modelling, Birmingham air is up to 50% higher than it should be. The government hopes that this decision will help decrease pollution levels.

Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Waseem Zafar said:

“Poor air quality remains a public health risk and a Clean Air Zone provides the city with an effective tool for tackling this issue in the shortest possible time.”

All vehicles travelling within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road zone will have to pay. The charges will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vehicles will only be expected to pay once a day, and could travel within the area without a limit.

Drivers with high polluting cars will be expected to pay a charge of £8. whereas, buses will be charged a fee of £50. Fines of £120 will be enforced on drivers who refuse to pay the charges.

A temporary exemption permit is available for anyone to apply for, as long as you qualify for the requirements. The exemption is valid for up to two years from the launch of the initiative.

Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood: Shabana Mahmood is keen to make the Clean Air Zone works for the city.

“I will continue to ensure that this initiative works for local residents and that no community is left behind in the process. They need to be properly supported to prevent any unnecessary physical or financial disruption from adversely impacting them.”

For further information and advice on the Clean Air Zone, visit Birmingham City Council.


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