Birmingham women’s charity support domestic violence prevention programme


A Birmingham based women’s charity are supporting the call for central government to implement domestic violence prevention programmes for both victims and offenders. 

Women Acting in Todays Society (WAITS) are just one of many charities across the UK, that are calling on the government to set up domestic violence schemes for people at risk of domestic violence. 

CEO of WAITS, Marcia Lewinson said: 

“Putting people onto these programmes, whether they are male or females, is really important. It also helps with low risk cases to have intervention at that level before it escalates.” 

The success of a pilot scheme project, ‘Drive’, reduced numbers of abuse in England and Wales, from 2016 to 2019. 

The pilot scheme offered one to one sessions with offenders, where they were given help on building relationships, controlling impulses and developing an understanding of the impact abuse has. 


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