Birmingham 4th worst outside London for children needing pupil premiums


Birmingham schools INTERACTIVE MAP: If you click on the green spots you could see the eligible pupils and funding  per school.

Birmingham is one of the local authorities receiving more pupil premium per child at school.

The latest official data revealed that the city is the 4th worst authority outside London for children needing pupil premiums, following Manchester, Knowsley and Middlesbroug.

Northfield and Selly Oak are in the top 25 England constituencies by pupil premiums per pupil. Northfield is second on the list, with 13,777 eligible pupils, having a funding of £ 1,145 per pupil. Meanwhile Selly Oak is in the 21th position, spending £1,170 per pupil.

Professor Steve Higgins, from the Department of Education of Durham University, explains that the reasons for the high funding in Birmingham are related to the levels of deprivation in the city. He says:

The formula funding contains a deprivation component, so authorities like Birmingham actually get a double benefit for disadvantage.”

The Pupil Premium is funded on free school meal registration. In Birmingham there should be a large number of families at the borderline with low income, making them eligible for fsm in the last 6 years. Also schools must have been successful at getting parents to register for FSM.”

Birmingham’s schools have the highest funding in England for disadvantaged children. However, the average spending per pupil premium is slightly higher than in the rest of England, with £1,186spending per student whilst £1,145 nationally.


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