Birmingham in UK top 3 for unclaimed estates


Birmingham has the third-highest number of unclaimed estates according to new Government data. 

The data released by the Government Legal Department says that Birmingham has 217 properties left unclaimed by family members after a relative has died without a will or any known family.

London has the highest number of unclaimed estates in the country at 2,126. 

Emily Cornish, press and communications officer for the Attorney General’s office, said:

“The Bona Vacantia Division advertises all newly referred estates for a minimum period of 90 days to enable entitled relatives to come forward.

“If no claim to the estate is received and accepted during this time, the Division will make enquiries to establish the assets and liabilities of the estate with a view to administering it.”

Over 80% of claims to estates by entitled relatives are claimed.

They can be claimed at any time up to 30 years from the date of death. 

There were 1511 total listed unclaimed estates in the country in 2018/19.

Emily Cornish said: “Information on how to claim or refer an unclaimed estate can be found on our website”.


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