Awareness week to help communities across Walsall look after themselves


Adults in Walsall are being encouraged to make small changes to their lifestyles in order to manage their health. 

The Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is organising three public events across Walsall, as part of a national Self-Care Awareness Week.

Louise Mabley, lead for the self care programme said:

“It has already been incredibly busy. Many people don’t know what is available to them or don’t necessarily know how to access what is available to them.”

The awareness week is part of the NHS campaign to push the importance of self care as a preventative measure, in reducing the amount of healthcare visits and also save money.

“There are a lot of people across the borough of Walsall that we still need to connect with. This particular week offers the opportunity to reach these people and get the messages [about physical and mental health]out there.”


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