Aston Villa implement first carbon neutral plastic cup scheme for environmental goals


Aston Villa will continue to supply reusable cups to fans after a successful was pilot introduced during their recent match against Leeds United.

Littered plastic cups and straws
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As a part of Aston Villa’s ‘Claret, Blue and Green’ environmental sustainability commitment, the club aims to remove over 300,000 plastic single use cups from Villa Park by the end of the season, and 1.3 million by the end of 2024.

The scheme enables fans to either redeem the 10p deposit placed on the cups, donate it to the club’s charity, The Villa Foundation, or keep it at the end of the game.

However, the club would rather fans deposited their cups and donated their deposits, rather than take their cups home, to ensure the area around Villa Park remains clean and more money is raised for the Villa Foundation

Villa’s new cup supplier, Event Cup Solutions director John Reeves said: “Aston Villa were looking for the correct partner to help them eliminate over 300k single-use cups which is a key objective in their Claret, Blue and Green initiative.

“We supplied Aston Villa with just under 30,000 cups for the match against Leeds United.

“As the UK’s only carbon neutral reusable cup solution, the opportunity to work together was perfect.

“The need for sustainable, reusable solutions is increasing and demand for our services is increasing all the time.

“We need to publicise the fantastic work Villa are doing!”

For every thousand cups returned to the depositories located around the stadium, the Villains pledge to plant a tree as a further incentive for supporters to return their plastic cups.

Villa Park

Kiera Large, Villa season ticket holder, said: “I’m very proud of my club for using carbon-neutral cups.

“I think using reusable cups are a good idea instead of throwing away the single use plastic cups. It will reduce the damage we have done to Birmingham as a club.

“However, I believe a 10p deposit isn’t very much, so people wouldn’t bother returning them so it could be seen as defeating the object of their environmental and sustainable plans.

“If fans aren’t behind Villa’s environmental campaign, people aren’t going to be bothered with the hassle of returning their cups, for what? 10p?”


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