Aston Villa fans outraged by Pay Per View games


Aston Villa’s match against Arsenal has been moved to Sky Box Office and fans are not happy.

This is the fourth time in four weeks Aston Villa will be on Pay Per View this season meaning that fans will have to spend another £14.95 if they want to watch the game.

So far this season fans would have to pay £59.80 plus what they pay in subscriptions such as Sky Sports and BT to watch their team.

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith said: “The fact Aston Villa fans have had to fork out for four games on the spin for pay-per-view is not right in my opinion.”

Despite this system being constantly monitored, it has received backlash with fans going against this idea.

So far Aston Villa have been on pay per view with their matches against Leicester City, Leeds United and Southampton.

Manchester City and Everton are currently the only two clubs that have not been selected to be on pay per view while Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool have only been selected once.

Villa fans have said that this is “an absolute joke” and “disgraceful” alongside Arsenal fans who share a similar viewpoint.


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