Aston Villa fan clubs react to European Super League cancellation


The head of a leading Aston Villa supporters’ group has spoken of his delight on the demise of the European Super League.

It took just 48 hours for the European Super League to come and go in England. All the English ‘Big 6’ clubs have now withdrawn from the competition following a backlash from fans, pundits and players.

Simon King, head of the West London Villains, said: “It’s brilliant. It’s great for the club of Aston Villa. The Premier League is all about being competitive and it makes us a better team when there’s better teams to play against.”

The initial proposal was unveiled on Sunday afternoon, with significant arrangements agree on Sunday evening. Twelve clubs had decided to join the breakaway league: six from England with Spain and Italy taking up the remaining half a dozen.

The 47-year-old has been very vocal talking about what position he feels like the fans have been left in.

“The chairmen of these massive clubs don’t care for what the fans want, they just want money,” said King. “Upsettingly, I don’t think the decision has anything to do with the fans, I just think each club got together and realised it was a big mistake.”

The Birmingham-born Villa fan claims his club would have moved to a higher status had the Super League gone ahead but not in the best interest of the club.

“You’d like to think we would’ve become a new ‘big 6’ club,” said the West London Villains chairman. “But with no money sloshing around coming from other countries because they refuse to watch Villa play the likes of Birmingham City, where would the money come from?

“Nobody would want to watch us and unfortunately all the money comes from television.

“People pay to watch Aston Villa play sides like Liverpool, (Manchester) United and City.”

Aston Villa head coach Dean Smith launched his opinion towards the proposed European Super League ahead of the club’s tie against Manchester City on Wednesday.

Simon King stands with the rest of his fan club in believing that “this is the best possible outcome for clubs like Aston Villa.”

Nine of the 12 teams involved have so far withdrawn from the breakaway league.


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