Antifascist protesters oppose Britain First supporters during Birmingham city centre rally


Antifascist protesters have opposed Britain First supporters rallying in the city centre.

With anger on both sides during the clash on Saturday (June 24th), they targeted each other with chant.

Watch video footage, including interviews with protesters and supporters, and the Britain First march to Centenary Square:

The Britain First rally and the antifascist counter-protest both started at the corner of John Bright street, in the centre of Birmingham. Two vans and rows of police separated them, with patriotic music booming from Britain First loudspeakers under a wave of flags, speeches and slogans.

Both Britain First and the antifascist protesters chanted “who’s streets? our streets” repeatedly, often in reply to the other side having just claimed the same.

The local protest was organised by Unite Against Fascism Birmingham and joined by Stand Up to Racism Birmingham, National Union of Teachers and Birmingham City University Students’ Union.

A few antifascist protesters accepted the opportunity to talk on the camera about what made them take part. Watch Susan Green and her friend, Jeevan Singh (below), who have been protesting for 30 years against racism and in support of women’s rights:

Marching towards Centenary Square, Britain First protesters stopped to shout and angrily wave flags before the police moved them away from the crowd.

Once in the square, where leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen had their speeches, the rally clustered in one corner, with two rows of policemen keeping them separate from the antifascist group arriving on the other side of the cordon.

The Union and England flags predominated in the British First rally, followed by a few Welsh and Scottish ones, but also a number of Knight Templar battle flags.

A Poland flag was also spotted, after reports far-right activists from the European country have been detained at the border on their way to join the rally in Birmingham.

Polish national Kasper was one of the only Britain First supporters willing to speak.

Watch the video of Kasper on Landinside Facebook page. He says: “I joined the Britain First march against Islam because Islam is evil. If you don’t believe that, look on the map of terrorist attacks. I’m for Poland, look on Poland, there is no terrorist attacks on Poland.”


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