An exhibition shares the terrors of war in Ukraine


A new art exhibition in Digbeth is displaying works by Ukrainians in Birmingham- sharing messages from family members, friends, and colleagues who have remained in Kyiv or fled.

(picture from ‘We are here: From Ukraine’ exhibition)

‘We are here: From Ukraine’ exhibition is held at the Centrala venue. It is organised by Ukrainian students and staff at Birmingham City University, contains photos, and shares personal experiences from the people of Kyiv.

Laura O’ Leary, the Art Programme Coordinator and the curator of the exhibition, said: ”The exhibition aims to share the lived experiences of Ukrainians impacted by this war – their words, experiences, bravery, and loss.

“To read the stories in this exhibition helps empower the voices of those who are brave enough to share their stories.

“Thousands of people have died due to this war; lost their homes; families and are heartbroken not only for this loss but for the loss of their beloved country.”

The exhibition was organised by Centrala and Nataliya Rozhin, a Ukrainian lecturer at Birmingham City University. O’Leary said they wanted to do something to share experiences from Natliya’s homeland. 

Laura said: “Nataliya invited Ukrainian Erasmus students at BCU to join us in producing this exhibition.

“Nataliya and the students brought together all the content and worked with Centrala to make it into an exhibition.

“This exhibition would have not been possible without the support of charities; Heart of England and Near Neighbours.

“One of my favourite aspects of the exhibition is the collective bravery displayed through their stories of those fighting for their freedom.”

Centrala also organises regular ‘Solidarity with Ukraine Open Meetings’, during which Ukrainian refugees and those wanting to support the war victims gather. The open meetings include singing the Ukrainian national anthem, discussing the various challenges related to the war, and experts advising on immigration and settlement.  

The exhibition is on display until April 30.

If you wish to donate Centrala is organising a fundraiser to support Ukrainian Refugees. Find out more details on their GoFundMe page.


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