“I waited five hours to elect my president”


Birmingham City Council acted as a voting centre for Romanians wishing to elect their president.

The second-stage-clash was between German-born Klaus Iohannis and controversial prime minister Victor Ponta. This was one of only a handful of voting centres in the UK, a fact that sparked outrage for Romanians living abroad.

People joined a queue that almost surrounded the council and art gallery in Chamberlain Square. It was well after nightfall that most of them finally got to have a say as Romanian citizens.

Andreea Cojocaru, student at Birmingham City University said:

 “Even if to be 20 is said not to have much knowledge in politics to make the right decision, this time Ponta made our task easy. You needn’t know of Iohannis of have the faintest idea what politics is about. Ponta gave us all the reasons to vote against him.

“I hope every minute spent in that infernal queue will help the development of Romania.”

Klaus Iohannis won the elections with 54.5% of votes in his favour, making him the new president of Romania.


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