ELECTION 2019 – The Battle for Birmingham: Yardley


Harry Smallwood and Adam Pink reporting

With the build up to the December election now in full swing, this is everything you need to know about the people wanting your vote.

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Currently making moves for the Labour Party is the twice elected Jess Phillips. Born and raised in Birmingham, Jess is now running for a third time after her wins back in 2015 & 17.

Over the years she has consistently voted for gay rights including marriage, equality and human rights. Although she is most known for speaking up about female members of parliament receiving abuse.

Based on the numbers from the 2017 election were she took a 57% majority, its looking likely that Labour will hold their seat in the constituency.

Liberal Democrats

Originally from Acocks Green Roger Harmer is the most recent Lib Dem to stand for Yardley for the first time in the coming election.

Roger Harmer with Liberal Democrat Party leader, Jo Swinson (Credit: Roger Harmer)

Taking over from John Hemming, Roger’s social media accounts show him being active in the community, with his most recent apperance at Remembrance Sunday event.

credit Roger Harmer

Although information is scarce on Roger himself, you can find all updates involving his campaign here.

Green Party

Finally, running for the Green Party in the area is Christopher Garghan. He’s having another go after trying and failing as a candidate in Yardley in the 2017 election.

Credit Christopher Garghan

I am standing in this election to give the people of Yardley the opportunity to vote for a party which believes in opposing austerity, protecting the environment, and defending the rights and protections guaranteed by our membership of the European Union.

Christopher Garghan

Christopher says his main aims are to bring in a clean air act, end child poverty and provide emergency accommodation for rough sleepers. He also wants to part of the initiatives to build a more sustainable society.

Although at this moment in time the Green Party are still crowdfunding and currently only have 50% of the funds raised as of this morning.

With the election now quickly approaching on Thursday 12 of December make sure you are ready and have registered to vote.


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