Brexit: Theresa May vows ‘to get on with the job’ after surviving no confidence vote


The Prime Minister has arrived in Brussels in triumphant mood after winning last night’s Common vote against her by 83 votes. 200 MPS voted for her to continue with her Brexit plan, with 117 opting to vote against her.

(Courtesy: Conservative Party website)

Brexiteer and European Research Group leader Jacob Rees-Mogg led calls for Theresa May to step down after the vote, pointing out that she had lost the confidence of more than a third of her MPs and a majority of her backbenchers.

Critics fear she will postpone that crucial vote for a second time. The political research team at the Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University, which is led by Professor Alex de Ruyter, published a blog post listing the potential successors to her job, if she eventually decides to resign.

However public support is strong for the PM amongst Conservative members across the West Midlands. Andy Street, the region’s Mayor, tweeted ahead of the vote: ‘The PM has my full support as Leader of the Party. She is battling to secure a deal which is in the interests of the West Midlands – the manufacturing and export capital of the UK. She has been pragmatic, business-friendly, and doggedly determined. Just what Britain needs now.’

Last night Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, expressed his anger on social media, saying ‘Tonight’s vote changes nothing.  Theresa May has lost her majority in Parliament, her Government is in chaos and she’s unable to deliver a Brexit deal that works for the country and puts jobs and the economy first. She must now bring her botched deal back to Parliament next week’

Meanwhile Theresa May is in Brussels to seek legally binding pledges from EU leaders about the controversial so-called Irish ‘backstop’ which is one of the key obstacles for MPs who are opposing her Brexit deal.


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