Explore our map and infographic of Birmingham’s 2018 council election results


Photograph by Brian Clift / Flickr (edited for size)

Birmingham’s 2018 council election results are in — and we’ve created a map to show who won in each of the city’s new wards.


Each ward elected only one or two representatives to the next City Council, where previously some wards elected as many as three.

And instead of 40 wards electing 120 councillors, this week’s election saw 69 wards voting for a total of 101 councillors.

New wards and an untouched status quo

But despite the reformed number of wards and their resulting change in terms of boundaries… little has changed in the actual political composition of the newly elected council.

In the aftermath of the previous council ballot in 2016, when a third of council seats were up for election, Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and an Independent representative made up 67%, 24%, 8% and 1% of all council seats, respectively (80, 29, 10 and 1 seats).

And following this week’s full council elections, the numbers are now66%, 25%, 8% and 1%, in the same order (67, 25, 8 and 1 seats).

Click on the infographic below for more precise results on the number and parties of the elected candidates!

The only difference is that the seat previously occupied by one independent councillor is now held by the Birmingham’s first ever Green Party councillor, Julien Pritchard.

In other words, while the absolute number of seats inevitably changed, the composition of the next City Council will stay pretty much the same.

For comparison, a map from Birmingham’s 2016 election results, with the 2018 wards overlaid, can be seen here.


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  1. Birmingham was dubbed a ‘Banana Republic’ a few years ago by a the judge in former Birmingham Labour Council Deputy Leader Mohammed Afzal’s corruption trial – have these changes from 120 to 101 councillors really made any difference? By the way I was glad to see a Green Councillor elected to #Birmingham City Council hopefully the first of many

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