Album review: My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd

Emotional but nothing new

This isn’t a drill. The Weeknd has just dropped a new unexpected album - a short six-song mini-collection to follow from his 2016 offering Starboy.

My Dear Melancholy brings back the sound of The Weeknd’s old style which we heard from his first few projects like the House of Balloons.

We’ve been neglected from this side of The Weeknd for a while, as his latest music from Starboy and Fifty Shades Of Grey showed his more commercial and pop side.

But My Dear Melancholy is a return of the old-school R&B Abel, reminding us of the dark side of sex, love and drugs.

There was no doubt that this album was going to get us in our feelings. I mean, it is called melancholy, so he warned us to get the tissues ready.

Considering the timing of the new album comes a few months after his break up with Selena Gomez, many fans consider this to be his break up album, which he proves to us in his lyrics: “You gave me comfort but falling for you was my mistake.”

From the first song Call Out My Name to the last strack Privilege as his goodbye song, The Weeknd takes us from start to finish of his relationship and love troubles before he ultimately hits rock bottom.

Each song flows perfectly into the next, changing between slow to upbeat tempos to keep the listener hooked whilst keeping his choruses catchy and relatable.

From relationships that are ending to those which are over, My Dear Melancholy is a mix of emotions, but nothing new from The Weeknd’s previous style.

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