What is Ramadan? Take our quiz to find out more!

The month of Ramadan is set to begin this week, with as many as three million adherents of the Islamic faith fasting this year.

Ramadan is a holy month of Islam where Muslims all around the world abstain from food, drink, and sexual activity during fasting hours.

It is a spiritual month where praying, reading the Quran, attending religious gatherings, and empathising with the poor is encouraged. Muslims are also obliged to be more self-disciplined and engage in virtuous deeds.

Muslims begin their fast with a small meal which has different names throughout the Islamic world, although the most common words are Suhoor, Sehri or Imsaak. The fast ends with a snack called Iftaar which is followed by dinner.

It’s obligatory for all Muslims to fast in Ramadan, but some are exempt from giving up food and drink – people who are ill, those who are travelling, children and the elderly, and women who are either menstruating, pregnant, going through postpartum bleeding or breastfeeding.

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