Trust Barometer reveals polarisation of trust

Edelman, a public relations and marketing consultancy firm, launched a report about a year of fake news and polarisation. The survey covers 28 countries around the world including the UK.

The communications firm also shows the use of social media channels in general population and young people. The percent of use declined, especially among young people. Maximum change is Facebook at 22%. The report shows that young people are drafting away from social media’.

The report gives the methodology at the end. There is a general online population pyramid contains 2 levels: informed public and mass population. It is interesting to note that informed public must meet 4 criteria. They have to be adults, college educated, media consumption and in top 25% of household income in each country. It noted that they also polled young people separately in the survey as ’Youth ’.

(picture from 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer UK Report)

From the Trust Barometer UK Finding, ‘less than a quarter now trust social media’. Over the past year, average trust in each source mostly has fallen for general news and information. The search engines has a 7-point decline which is the sharpest trust drop in history. Oppositely, traditional media has a 13-point gain – the biggest growth ever.


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