Birmingham city councillors public meeting for adult and social care health

Birmingham city councillors will hold a public meeting today, about the 2018/19 budget for adult and social care health.

Councillor John Cotton will discuss, how changes to ‘back office’ services are central to creating profit for Birmingham. The cost reductions are predicted to save a total of £6m for 2018/19. By 2021/22, the savings from these new proposals rise to a total of £48m.

The council plans to make changes to the Young Person’s substance misuse service, as well as stopping support to the financial advice service and the young person’s homeless hub by 2021.

There are also plans to reduce funding by stopping the substance misuse homeless service. In spending areas concerning the homeless, efforts will instead be channelled into homelessness prevention opposed to intervention.

Environmental councillor, Lisa Trickett will be discussing Birmingham’s air quality after Birmingham’s Health & Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee report The Impact of Poor Air Quality on Health identified the link between pollution and poor health finding that ‘the City Council needs to demonstrate leadership and take ownership of this issue by developing a strategy to address this effectively.’


The recommendations include placing a clean air emissions policy on taxis and local hire vehicles and an attempt to increase licensing on electrically operated vehicles.
Air quality will be considered when it comes to finalising planning management and planning applications for new buildings an infrastructure.

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