Met Office warn there’s risk of snow over the West Midlands

Source: Met Office

The Met Office is forecasting snow for the next three days.

It is expected today around 9:00am and then again 9:00pm, with a 40% chance of precipitation.

Wind, “heavy wintry showers” and “risk of hail and thunder” are expected, and the temperature is not set to rise above 5 degrees.

The same harsh weather is predicted for the next few days.

The Met Office also put a yellow warning against strong winds between Wednesday 17th at 9:00pm and Thursday 18th at 1:00pm.

This will affect traffic, public transportation and may even create power cuts.

Services such as mobile phone coverage could also experience some disturbances.

The Met Office also has also issued a warning about risk of flying debris and damage to buildings, following the death of a woman in Wolverhampton last year during Storm Doris.

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