Five things you can do to celebrate #NationalNothingDay

Happy #NationalNothingDay! Unfortunately it’s not a holiday acknowledged by most workplaces, so you might need to wait until you’ve clocked out to take part in the celebrations. Here are five things you can do to channel that cat lifestyle…



1. Stay in bed

Put away your to-do list, turn off this annoying alarm clock, and snuggle in your warm blankets (after all, it’s going to snow today!) with a good warm tea. Isn’t life great?


2. … and binge-watch unashamedly

We’ve all been there: Uni or work deadlines coming up way too quickly, wishing to be watching our favorite series instead of sitting an office for hours… Guess what? Today our dreams come true! You can re-watch all ten seasons of Friends for the 33th time now it’s on Netflix, or alternatively, the new season of Peaky Blinders has just come up (just saying)…


3. Scroll social media

Tag your friends in absolutely hilarious memes nobody has seen for the 40th time, fawn over cute bunny videos or laugh at how silly cats are (but not too much, after all they are the secret masters of the world).


4. Read a book…

… but not a classbook, today is made too rest your brain. Throw away your lessons, and read this novel / comic book you’ve been dying to read but that’s taking the dust on your shelve for ages…


5. Take a long bath

This is the other place to be today. Take your most expensive and colourful bubble bath balls, a glass of wine, and your favorite music. You can even pump the thing up by adding petal roses (after all, why not). Heaven.

Do you have any more tips? Let us know below or on Twitter, we want to know how you are going to spend National Do Nothing Day!

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