3 out of 5 Carillion-linked companies are registered in Wolverhampton

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The UK’s second biggest construction company went into liquidation on Monday and their directors are under the scanner over the failure of the firm. The move has put 20,000 jobs at risk in the United Kingdom alone.

According to PWC, the company in charge of the process, the six firms from Carillion group in compulsory liquidation are:

Carillion Plc

Carillion Construction Limited

Carillion Services Limited

Planned Maintenance Engineering Limited

Carillion Integrated Services Limited

Carillion Services 2006 Limited

However, the group has stakes in 335 firms around the world, according to its Annual Report and Accounts 2016.

Three out of five of them are officially registered in Wolverhampton. That makes 199 companies.

Zooming only in England, Wolverhampton housed 96% of the total companies connected to Carillion.

The construction company has a controlling stake in 9 out of 10 of its 199 firms registered in the city.

Canada, the favourite place abroad

36% of the group’s interest is abroad, and seven out of ten of the Carillion-linked international companies are registered in Canada.

Three of these overseas places are on the Financial secrecy index: Isle of Men, Channel Island and Malaysia.

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