Birmingham City Council announces Clean Air Zone for taxi and private hire vehicles

Head of Licensing in Birmingham City Council, Chris Neville in a live stream

Birmingham City Council has announced a UK Plan for Clean Air Zones for taxi and private hire vehicles to meet the zero emission standards.

Head of Licensing, Chris Neville in a live stream council committee, proposed the UK Plan for Clean Air Zones (CAZ) for tackling roadside Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations in Birmingham

The Council will not license or permit the use of any vehicle as a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle after 31 December 2019 that does not meet the minimum emission standards.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has set minimum emissions standards for vehicles to be allowed entry to a CAZ. The standards are expressed according to European vehicle emission standards. Vehicles that do not meet the standard will pay a charge if they enter the zone.

The policy will need many drivers to update their vehicles. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has grants available of up to £5,000 for private hire drivers and up to £7,500 for hackney carriage drivers if they change their vehicle for a new ULEV vehicle.

As per report, the main causes of pollution in towns are Nitrogen oxide and Nitrogen dioxide which are produced in the emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles.  Air pollution is believed to be responsible for up to 900 premature deaths in Birmingham every year. The people who are most affected by it are motorists, such as taxi and private hire drivers.

The CAZ will encompass the city centre as it is the most polluted location in Birmingham, although at the time of writing the exact boundary has not been determined.

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