Birmingham actor Theo Johnson directs drink drive film inspired by tragedy

Birmingham actor and youth campaigner Theo Johnson has created a hard hitting anti drink-drive film inspired by a tragedy.

Theo, who starred in Channel 4 hit series Raised by Wolves, wrote and directed the five minute short, which stars actors from Eastenders, Channel 4 series Humans and the film Fury.

It tells the story of a high-flying student who has a couple of drinks at a house gathering before driving friends home – only to end up crashing into a suicidal pedestrian.

With a strapline ‘It doesn’t matter who’s fault it was…it’s your fault now’ he hopes it will remind young drivers that no matter how careful they are, circumstances outside their control can leave them in dire straits if they have had a drink.

Data from West Midlands Police reveals some 1,198 drink drive offences were committed by under 25s across the force area between July 2015 and end of June 2017 – that’s the equivalent of 50 offences a month.

Theo, from Handsworth, said: “One of my uncles was involved in a crash a few years ago with a suicidal person. He was innocent of any blame but it got me thinking that if he’d had just a couple of drinks in his system he would have been held responsible, even if he’d had no chance of avoiding this person.”

“Drink-drive adverts tend to be all about older men who get drunk in a pub. Young people are not going to relate to that. The adverts are also very predictable; you know what’s going to happen. I wanted to open up people’s minds and take a different approach.”

Theo talks about his new project in this short video interview, shot in Eastside outside Birmingham City University’s Parkside campus building.


Theo, 24, rose to fame when he was picked to star in the first series of Raised by Wolves, a series based on the life of writer Caitlin Moran. He’d previously performed in stage plays and modelled sportswear for Adidas.

He has since appeared in radio plays, pop videos and TV shows, including a popular grime video, Bad Gyal by Lotto Boyzz, which has been viewed well over 2 million times; while also carving out an impressive fanbase on Instagram, with more than 20,000 followers – find him here @T1Officiall

He uses the platform to post funny videos and memes, some including his mum and friends.

“I am an actor first, that is my passion. Everything else I do is geared towards helping me develop as an actor and showcase what I can do. Instagram is a great platform for that as it means I can reach a wide audience direct.”

Theo’s short film will be posted on his Instagram site but he’s also hoping to find a sponsor to get it to a wider audience online and in cinemas as a pre-movie trailer.

A previous short made by Theo focussed on knife crime and was shortlisted for a film award. He has also been asked to speak on a range of topics at events and on TV – he recently spoke out on BBC News about the rise in acid attacks.

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