The Vintage Kilo Sale is back at the Custard Factory

The Vintage Kilo Sale stopped at Birmingham on Saturday 7th of October, selling vintage clothes for £15 a kilo.


Vintage wholesaler Glass Onion and Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair partnered this year again to provide more than 6 tons of second-hand clothes, touring across the UK. But this event is based on a peculiar concept: buying clothes… by the kilo.

This is aimed to “make vintage approachable and affordable”, as Ginny Lemons, member of staff,

“Vintage has skyrocketed. You only see people wearing fine vintage, and all of this glitzy glamour, but these are real, wearable clothes. It’s perfect for students, or people who don’t have a lot of money.  It’s good to get lots of cheap, amazing items.”

The Vintage Kilo Sale will reach a new city every weekend, to end up in London on the 12th of November.

To have a glimpse of the event, check out the video below :


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