Hospital trust launches new animation to help people suffering from back pain across Birmingham

A new video has been launched to help people suffering from back pain in Birmingham.

The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust has created a new animation which it hopes will reduce the need for hospital treatment at its Heartlands, Solihull and Good Hope sites.

The video is designed to show people some of the basic things they can do to aid their own recovery from back problems.

Julie Hunter, the trust’s therapy lead for planned care acute and community services, said: “Evidence has shown that if we can encourage people with acute back pain to keep moving it will usually resolve within six weeks, unless there are other underlying factors.

“Keeping active can speed up recovery but if you don’t and resort to something like bed rest instead you could have further trouble and more pain.

“It is simple advice but that education needs to get out there and that is why we have put this animation together.

“The more patients who take note of these messages the better their recovery will be and the less likely they will need to come into hospital.”

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