Watch: Illegal street racers caught doing more than 130mph on Birmingham dual carriageway

Video showing illegal street racers speeding along a Birmingham dual carriageway at more than 130mph has been released by police.

Armar Paul, Tejinder Buhe and Zafar Iqbal were spotted by an unmarked police car as they sped along the A38 towards Minworth on March 5th.

VW Golf driver Paul, 27 and from Berrow Drive in Edgbaston, and Mercedes motorists Bhuee, 24 from Fitzroy Avenue, Harborne, and Iqbal, 33 and from Victoria Road, Oldbury, blasted their horns three times to signal the start of the race.

All three admitted dangerous driving and street racing at Birmingham Crown Court. They were given six-month jail terms suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community work.

They were also handed £1,050 in court costs and were told to attend a driver rehabilitation course, as well as being banned from driving for 12 months and will have to pass an extended re-test in order to get their licences back.

PC Mark Hodson, said: “Driving at such speeds, especially in wet conditions, the spray and risk of aquaplaning, even the slightest error would result in a catastrophic collision. You can’t just walk away from crashes at that kind of speed.

“All three of these men were of previous good character, law abiding citizens with jobs. The problem we find is that some men seem to think racing like this is not an offence and are blind to the potential consequences.”

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