Birmingham MPs sign letter questioning male-dominated Brexit negotiating team

Two Birmingham MPs have joined more than 50 of their colleagues in calling for Theresa May to review the lack of women on the UK’s Brexit negotiating team.

Shabana Mahmood and Jess Phillips

Shabana Mahmood and Jess Phillips

A letter to the Prime Minister has been signed by 57 MPs, including Shabana Mahmood and Jess Phillips.

In it they question why just 11% of the negotiating team are female.

The letter says: “Brexit negotiations will need women’s voices, on mainstream issues like the economy as well as on directly addressing, for example, how we maintain workplace rights – much of which are underpinned by EU legislation.

“A watering down of workers’ rights would impact women the most, from maternity leave to discrimination in the workplace.”

The group of female MPs have called for the Prime Minister to review the gender balance of the negotiating team as a matter of urgency, warning that Brexit was in danger of “becoming just another job for the boys”.

The letter continues: “We are sure that you agree on the importance of visibly engaging women in key discussions about our country’s future.”

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