VR: Experience Andy Street being elected as West Midlands Metro Mayor

on May 6, 2017

Conservative candidate Andy Street has been elected the Metro Mayor for the West Midlands. Relive the announcement in 360-degree video and VR in the videos below:


  1. keithbracey

    May 6, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    #Andy4WM…..#AndyStreet was by far the best #WestMidlands #MetroMayor #candidate…..I look forward to riding on the other #CrossCityLine….the reopened #Moseley train line across #Birmingham which is one of #AndyStreet’s #Transport #policies #VoteToryintheGeneralElection #CorbynisaCount #CorbynOut #LabourShambles #DianeAbbott

  2. Julia

    May 6, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Sorry Michael, because I am sure you worked hard on this, but I can’t watch it. At a glance I am sure the pics are good and good luck with your next project.

    Vote Labour to reduce the Tory shambles. £650 million cuts in Brum since 2010. Brum can’t raise a lot on Council taxes because most people live in low CT band houses. Yet no rich Surrey Sweetheart deals for this area! Average of over 700 per pupil cuts in Brum and schools are loosing up to 25 teachers (Ninestiles in Acocks Green) whilst the Tories waste money on fancy, out-of-date, education projects, an ill-thought out pet of the Prime Minister’s, with no solid research behind it. Many of these schools have already failed. £140M of public money has already been wasted on 62 free schools, grammar schools or University technical colleges which closed, partially closed or failed to open at all.

    The Heart of England Health Authority is in debt to the tune of 30 million and yet people turn up to hospital A & E because there is such a long wait to see a GP under the Tories.

    Meantime the national debt and borrowing is far higher than it ever was under Labour yet child poverty is up, use of food banks (Not seen before 2010) is now a regularity. Over a million used them in 2015-16 and do you really think people go through that kind of humiliation for some out-of-date food for fun? homelessness is massively up …

    Labours policies have been costed. The Tories’ policies have not.

    The Tories are the kings and queens of shamble. If the best they can manage is to childishly exclaim that, a Labour politiican who had done four interviews that day made a slip before correcting herself, and rush around oooing and ahhing to each other, that shows they are also immature as well as useless. A homeless man died right outside the magnificent edifice of John Lewis in Brum the other day. Maybe you still think Diane’s gaff on a properly costed policy is more important. I don’t Get real.

    • keithbracey

      May 6, 2017 at 5:14 pm

      Michael you would rather Corbyn takes us back to the 1980’s and the bad old days of Michael Foot? Corbyn is from the hard left and does NOT appeal to core Labour Voters….Bliar maybe a war criminal however at least he got Labour elected in three…yes three General Elections….Corbyn will destroy the Labour Party and sad to saY I voted Tory for the first time in my life as a protest as to what Corbyn is doing to the Labour Party for whom I have voted in every General Election since 1979 when Thatcher was first elected….Teresa May is no Thatcher and recognises that the Conservative Party has to change having described the party that she leads as ‘The Nasty Party’ #VoteTory as Corbyn is a Count…….

      • Julia

        May 6, 2017 at 6:11 pm

        Actually Corbyn is not from the hard left. I am always amused by the people who say this, who would obviously not know the hard left if it got up and bit them in the bum! You really do need to get out more in Brum Keith!! The real hard left consider us a lot of nambie-pambies. Corbyn’s policies would have been completely normal in the time of, say, Harold Wilson, who was not ‘hard left’ either, but he achieved a lot of reforms – oh and won three times. Corbyn is actually to the right of the old SDP in some ways – an amusing costing exercise showed they were often more generous in the public services provision – which shows how far to the right we have slid.

        The issue in the early 1980s was not Michael Foot (Not remarkably left-wing in many ways actually, and a passionate supporter of the Falklands War. Please research before you gulp down the myths and then regurtiate them unquestioningly.) but sabotage from the right. We had the (then right-wing ho-ho) SDP get in on the act at the worst possible time, just before an election, splitting the Labour Party. We also had Dennis Healey, who made it virtually impossible to campaign coherently on nuclear disarmament because he insisted on changing policies two weeks before the election and retaining Polaris. I know. I was trying to campaign for CND at the time. It was very, very hard to say vote Labour to make the world a safer place by removing nuclear weapons when we knew they weren’t going to. So we couldn’t say that.

        Blair won three times, with diminishing returns each time as people sussed what he was up to, and stopped voting for him. Then, we slid worse. We lost in 2010. We lost worse in 2015 when the Tories were able to form a government by themselves.

        Unfortunately Keith it is people like you who are destroying the Labour Party, so terrified are you to go back to the (in your muddled view) ‘hard left’ policies of Wilson, who massivley increased education prospects, who massively invested in public housing, who introduced liberal abolishing capital punishment, legalising homosexuality, simplifying divorce and so on.

        And when you say ‘Corbyn is a count’ I think you mean something else, and I think you think it is acceptable to liken a man to a woman’s genitalia as a term of abuse. That in itself says a great deal about you. I think you think you are very macho and that popping off and voting for vicious cuts which will affect the most vulnerable in society is a macho thing to do. As an ex-Labour voter who appears to be proudly anti-Corbyn I am sorry but you are not presenting a very savoury picture of yourself or your ilk at all.

        Sorry Michael. Will understand if you want to block us both after them. Didn’t mean to make you piggy in the middle, but I think the Keith’s of this world need an answer.

        • keithbracey

          May 6, 2017 at 6:22 pm

          Your attempted vilification of me does not bother me one iota as I shall not be voting for Corbyn the Count or any of his so called Harold Wilson ‘hard left’ fellow travellers
          which is your loss NOT mine as Corbyn and his ILK will NEVER be elected and the Labour Party is destined for oblivion under Corbyn and the whole lot of you and Corbyn Aparatatchiks are never going to wield power….thank God! I rest my case as you are obviously a deluded sad woman….I may be Macho as you call it in your proto-feminist rant but at least I am honest and NOT deluding myself my Dear!!!!

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