INFOGRAPHIC: Council’s sport and leisure budget cut by more than £20,000 since 2009

on May 4, 2017

New data has revealed that Birmingham City Council’s expenditure on sport and leisure facilities and activities has decreased annually since 2009.

Amid major cuts being made to leisure centres, libraries and public services, last Autumn saw a panel of Birmingham MP’s issue a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond to prevent “grave damage being done to the social fabric of Birmingham”.

The MP’s letter addresses that “unless the Government acts we now risk the collapse of some basic services next year and in subsequent years”.

Yet, in Hammond’s first – and last – Spring Budget he confirmed that he would “fund the Department of Education the full £1billion…to invest in school sports and healthy living programmes”.

So did the MP’s letter work?

In what included a “£150million black hole in the City’s budget” last year, data released in an FOI request exposes five-year slashing of cuts to sports and leisure in Birmingham.

The amount of money spent on sports and leisure has decreased from £47,800 to £27,100 in in just six years.

Likewise, the council’s income generated by recreation and sports has also declined overall since 2010, with a £7,900 drop in revenues.

However, data also revealed that revenue from the sports and recreation industry is rising. Revenues have increased by £2,100 from last year and totalled £18,500 for 2015/16. Especially from 2012 – where income reached an all-time low of £14,900.

This may be due to a drastic drop in income in 2012/13 where results dropped by £11,000 in just two years. This directly correlates with the drop in council expenditure on sports and leisure facilities which occurred in 2012/13 where expenditure values decreased by £16,000 in a single year.

You can view the complete spending figures and the full list of infographics here:

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