Record Store Day in Birmingham: what you need to know

on April 15, 2017

Birmingham is well known for its vintage and record shops, and with Record Store Day approaching on April 22, Rebekah Smith explains why the day is celebrated and its importance to local Birmingham businesses

What is Record Store Day?

For the tenth consecutive year Record Store Day will be celebrated throughout the UK with the aim of supporting local record store businesses and artists as well as the vinyl format.

This year’s Record Store Day will be celebrated on Saturday 22nd April and is set to be the biggest Record Store Day with over two hundred independent stores participating and a large amount of limited edition vinyls from a variety of artists and genres to commemorate this year’s celebrations.

Limited edition vinyls will be only available from stores in a physical format and not online distributers, in order to support small businesses and showcase the rising vinyl industry in the UK.

The vinyl industry is currently going through a resurgence with more than 3.2 million records sold last year, which according to the BPI is a rise of 53% on the previous year.

Limited edition vinyls

Record Store Day celebrates music from a range of genres and both classic and current music therefore the limited edition records reflect this, here are some of the over 500 limited release vinyls.

  • David Bowie, Cracked Actor – David Bowie’s album Blackstar was the biggest selling vinyl record of 2016 in the UK, and for this years Record Store Day there are three limited edition vinyls by the artist.  Cracked Actor is a 12″ vinyl album containing a previously unreleased live recording from Los Angeles in 1974, which was a pivotal concert in his career.
  •  Wiley, Godfather – With grime currently being at the forefront of British music it is fitting that this white label vinyl of Wiley’s most recent album is exclusively available for this years Record Store Day.
  • Madonna, Dance Mix – This limited edition vinyl is a re-release of Madonna’s Dance Mix EP from 1985 and contains four tracks.
  • Bastille, Comfort Of Strangers – Comfort of Strangers is a brand new song from Bastille which was recorded during sessions for their album, Wild World which was released last year. The B-side of the vinyl is a live version of their single Warmth, and comes on white vinyl, with a holographic sleeve.

  • Vangelis, Blade Runner soundtrack – Film fans will have the opportunity to own a reissue of the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis’ in the lead up to the release of the sequel this year.
  • The Smiths, Boy With The Thorn In His Side – For this years Record Store Day The Smiths will be releasing two previously unreleased alternative versions of their singles The Boy With The Thorn In His Side and Rubber Ring which is limited to 5000 copies.
  • Aqua, Barbie Girl – To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original release of their catchy hit Aqua are releasing a special hot pink 7″ edition comes which fittingly comes in a plastic sleeve. The karaoke version is on Side B, and the vinyl would  be a colourful edition to any record collection.

Birmingham record shops

This year there are four independent record stores in Birmingham that will be participating in Record Store Day.

Swordfish Records


Swordfish Records in Dalton Street

Swordfish Records has been selling both new and pre-owned records since 1979, and are now based in the city centre in Dalton Street. As well as being a supporter of local bands, the independent store started as a place for Rock and punk music fans and the store has their own record label.

Polar Bear Records

Polar Bear Records in Kings Heath is a small independent record store that specialises in jazz, avant rock, classic rock, metal and folk music. The store mainly sells CD’s but does also sell new vinyl releases and re-issues.

Ignite Record Store

Ignight Record Store at The Oasis on Corporation Street

Ignight Record Store at The Oasis on Corporation Street

Based in alternative fashion store The Oasis on Corporation Street, Ignite Records specialises in indie, metal, punk and hardcore rock vinyl records.

Emortal Records

Emortal Records is one of the newest record stores in Birmingham and is celebrating Record Store Day as well as its first anniversary during April. Emortal Records is based in Bournville and is well known for selling grime vinyls and gig tickets.

You can find a full list of Record Store Day 2017 vinyl releases in this PDF.

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