13 things you know if you’re part of a cheer society

on April 12, 2017
  1. “Cheer isn’t a sport”


Do we train? Yes! Are we skilled? Yes! Do we compete? YES! But don’t just take it from us – cheerleading is finally gaining the consideration it deserves after being given provisional recognition as an Olympic sport.


  1. We ARE competitive

We hold internal elections and only the cheerleaders with the best pirouettes, chants, flexibility and character make our competition teams. It’s hard work!


  1. Training 3-4 nights a week to perfect your routines… 


… and feeling like THIS after every session of intense practice, whilst maintaining that preppy cheer smile.


  1. Holding charity fundraisers

 Like, ALL of the time. You can always expect to see us putting on a bake sale, a novelty event or a costume party. ‘Stunt Up to Cancer’ – see what we did there?


  1. Getting less funding than the ‘REAL’ sports societies


Uh, hello… We need jazzy new kits too! No wonder we hold so many fundraisers.


  1. Trying to master the splits…


…and FINALLY getting it on your 873rd attempt.


  1. Being a flyer is really quite terrifying


 The thought of falling flat on your face only occurs to you once in mid-air, but your trusty squad will always be there to catch you. Well, most of the time.


  1. Spotting your rival university team at nationals…


and letting them know you came to win.


  1. Dedicating all of our free time to training, games and competitions

Because cheer is life. It’s a good job we hold cheer socials to keep us sane… Plus, practicing at parties is always so much more fun, right?


  1. Trying to keep on top of uni work whilst being in a society

We deserve several awards for time management. Truly.


    1. Looking forward to TOUR!!!!!

 To party in the sun, because we’ve cheered our butts off all year and we need a little TLC and a cracking tan.


  1. Feeling horrendous after tour


Not only because of tour blues, but also because we’ve drank three times our body weight in Strongbow Dark Fruits.


  1. Knowing it’s all worth it


Because your cheer family have the best of times and it’s all totally rewarding.


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