Becoming//Unlike: How Birmingham art students are exploring contemporary issues through exhibitions

on April 11, 2017

A group of eight third-year students at the Birmingham School of Art have showcased a four-part exhibition series entitled Borders, Thresholds and Collective Identities.

These exhibitions aim to shed some light on current affairs and contemporary social issues such as war, mental health and immigration; through young artists’ point of view.

Here are some snippets from the show:

Professor Jonathan Harris, Head of School, says:

“Borders of all kinds have been severely tested or undermined recently by the pressures and forces of globalisation… The School of Art itself might be thought of as a threshold across which its occupants must move: into the city, the country and the wider world. But with what purpose? We encourage the students here to really explore the issues that matter.”

Becoming//Unlike was the second exhibition in the series, held on the 21st February, with work exhibited by:

  • Leanne O’Connor
  • Tony McClure
  • Vince Stokes
  • Amber Prescott
  • Lauren Godwin
  • Sydney Marston
  • Aileen Doherty
  • George Caswell
  • Mitchell Wallaard

The School of Art’s ‘Collective’ group managed to get permission to transform the School’s concourse space into this exhibition Tony McClure, a member of the Collective, admitted that: “The response has been really overwhelming. We’ve had so much positive feedback and people seem to be engaging with the socio-political ideas behind the pieces, which is exactly what we hoped for”.



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