Amazing things women did this Muslim Woman’s day and every other day this year

on March 28, 2017

Yesterday was International Muslim women’s day, a day that celebrates women in Islam and their independence, uniqueness and resilience.

Birmingham Eastside has complied events that took place yesterday on Muslim Women’s Day that shows just how women feel about being Muslim and how they are changing the way people view Muslim women. Since Muslim women are doing amazing things everyday of the year, we’ve decided to showcase women who have also changed the game every other day of this year.  These are our top 5 choices:

1: Women in London

Muslim women held hands in Westminster to show compassion and love to the lives lost in the recent terror attack. These women showed that Muslims are against terrorism.

Image from The Sun

2: Hijabi music video

Mona Haydar debuted her single showcasing Muslim women talent through song and dance. Her rap song called “Hijabi” talks about Muslim women battling pressure to take off their hijab and celebrating wearing the hijab. Mona used all Muslim dancers and models in her video and debuted in on Muslim Women’s day.

3. Dina Tokio Magazine Cover

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Dina Tokio is breaking stereotypes by showcasing modest fashion. The Birmingham Blogger was chosen to be featured on the cover of Blogosphere magazine, a magazine created by bloggers for bloggers.

Image from Dina’s Instagram

4. Nora Afia: becomes first hijabi CoverGirl

Nora Was the first hijab Muslim woman to be a CoverGirl and brand ambassador for the company. She gained recognition from Instagram as she posted make-up tutorials and vlogs.

Image courtesy of Nora

5. Halema Aden: walks Yeezy fashion show

Haleema, the Somali- American refugee was recently singed to IMG modelling and is the first hijabi model to be signed. She previously walked in Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion show gaining praise and notoriety.

Image from Halem’s social media




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