Green Party’s mayoral candidate urges young people across Birmingham to make sure they vote

on March 22, 2017

Young people in Birmingham have been urged to make sure they get out and vote in the West Midlands Mayor election.

The region will go to the polls on 4th May to elect the head of the new West Midlands Combined Authority.

Green Party candidate James Burn said it was crucial young voices were heard.

James Burn

James Burn

The former University of Birmingham student said: “By not voting, you lose your voice and the politicians in charge don’t pay any attention to you.

“Birmingham has one of the largest populations of young people, yet they’re hardly ever mentioned in local politics – this needs to change.

“Get out there and vote, and demand that your voice is heard.”

If elected, Mr Burn would oversee the new combined authority that is designed to devolve greater power to the regions.

But the Green Party candidate said: “The current plans for the combined authority are just tweaks to the same old failed approach we’ve had for decades.

“I say we need to change how we do things, focus on developing a home-grown, resilient economy that provides good jobs for people.”

Mr Burn added that the region needed to make universities key to plans for future growth.

“We have some key strengths here in the Midlands – let’s use our manufacturing pedigree and move into modern technologies where there is high demand,” he said.

“Partnerships between universities and local SMEs on technologies like low carbon, along with direct investment in the least well-off areas is how we develop our economy”

People have until 13th April to register to vote and can sign up online.

The full list of candidates is:

  • Andy Street – Conservatives
  • Beverley Nielsen – Lib Dem
  • James Burn – Green
  • Pete Durnell – UKIP
  • Sion Simon – Labour

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