Lib Dem mayoral candidate vows to offer free transport for young people

on March 20, 2017

Free travel for young people is high on the list of priorities for Lib Dem West Midlands Mayor hopeful Beverley Nielsen.

She will stand for the role as the head of the West Midlands Combined Authority when the region votes on 4th May.

Among her campaign pledges is a vow to do more for young people – and to keep them using their skills in the area.

Beverley Nielsen

Beverley Nielsen

“The West Midlands has the highest proportion of students of any region in the UK,” she said. “That’s something we aren’t well enough known for.

“I want our students to stay and work here. As a result I’m offering free travel for all young people living, working or studying here between the ages of 16-25 years old.

“I’m also planning to offer bursaries of up to £5,000 for students taking apprenticeships or studying here and where they’re working with West Midlands SMEs and manufacturing businesses.”

Although Labour and the Conservatives control the councils which would fall under the new combined authority, the Lib Dem hopeful believes the region needs a fresh impetus from outside the two main parties.
“I believe I can be a unifying voice bringing together the six Labour leaders and the one Conservative leader,” she said.

“I offer the change we need. A new start. A break from the centralisation that has been the mainstay of the two main parties.”

People have until 13th April to register to vote and can sign up online.

The full list of candidates is:

  • Andy Street – Conservatives
  • Beverley Nielsen – Lib Dem
  • James Burn – Green
  • Pete Durnell – UKIP
  • Sion Simon – Labour

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