Volunteers to help plant 500 new trees in Acocks Green

on March 10, 2017

Residents in Acocks Green will be helping to plant 500 trees in the recreation ground this weekend.

Acocks Green Recreation Ground

Acocks Green Recreation Ground

Members of the Friends of Acocks Green Recreation Ground (FAGRG) are hoping to improve the area for locals.

Deborah Harries, a member of the group, said it was an important green space in the community.

“As local residents we are keen to work together to enhance this attractive park,” she said. “The park was opened in 1902 for local people and we want to protect the park’s heritage and keep it clean, welcoming and safe.”

The group has already planted 300 flower bulbs and installed new litter bins. They will be joined in their latest initiative by local scouts and volunteers.

Acocks Green will be the last park to have trees planted this year through the Birmingham Trees for Life project.

The annual scheme started in 2006 and has so far seen over 50,000 trees added to parks and open spaces throughout the city.

Jane Edwards, from Birmingham Trees for Life, said: “Trees can be planted for all sorts of reasons – to replace those lost due to disease or old age, to create new natural habitats, create shade near seats or playgrounds, extend existing woodland, or line paths or cycleways.”

The Acocks Green tree-planting event will take place tomorrow (11th March) from 10.30am to 12pm.

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