Valentine’s Day love poem chalked across Curzon Street

on February 14, 2017

‘Your eyes are so warm ❤’

This morning, Curzon Street was graffitied with an unusually pleasant message, in true Valentine’s Day spirit.

Commuters noticed parts of a poem written in chalk along the curb, from the University Locks to Birmingham City University’s Curzon Building.

The message reads:

It started with walks in the park

That turned into (unreadable)

Followed by adventures to cities

That would rival Walter Mitty’s

Your eyes are so warm

And I’m a bit brawn

However your heart’s really clever

I hope we last forever

So meet me at three

For chocolate + coffee

Ps. All women are beautiful, have a lovely day!

Although the message may not make complete sense, it certainly became a popular topic within the campus and entertained those who walked by.

Raneem. 20. Small curly kid. Second year Media and Communication student. Arts and culture enthusiast, inquisitive about everything in between.

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