World Hijab Day was yesterday!

on February 2, 2017

Muslims around the world celebrated World Hijab Day yesterday. #Worldhijabday has been trending and many have flocked to social media to express why they wear the Hijab.

In case you didn’t know, yesterday was World Hijab Day. Times are especially hard for Muslims right now, with Muslims being banned from the US and the Burkini being banned in France last year, solidarity is key as is remembrance. For many Muslim women around the world the hijab means empowerment and choice. However countries such as Saudi Arabia and Indonesia make it compulsory.

Word Hijab day was created in the US to celebrate the hijab, the head covering and modest way of dressing in Islam. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the hijab and the women who wear them. It is estimated that their is over 300 million Muslim women in the world. That’s a lot of hijabs!

Anniesa Hasibuan, the first designer ever to have a hijab featured in every one of her outfits in New York Fashion Week said:

“I’m happy to know there is world Hijab day that is celebrated around the world every year. I hope it will raise more awareness about hijab”.

Muslim hate crime has tripled in 2016 and doubled in the UK. Awareness has become more crucial than ever to avoid ignorance. 300 Million Muslim women have the choice to wear the hijab, but many worry about the backlash. It was revealed that 38.14% of Muslim men want to chose what Muslim women wear and how.

Happy Hijab Day to every women, whether Muslim or not, whether you wear it or not.







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