Mental health awareness gets the Royal seal of approval as ‘Heads Together’ gets a big push

on January 20, 2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have spoken out against the “keep quiet and carry on” culture surrounding mental health.

“Too many people have suffered in silence for too long”

Yesterday they launched the next phase of their Heads Together mental health campaign by urging the nation to start a conversation about personal problems.  Kate Middleton said that they wanted to normalise discussing mental health in society and “talk about it was you would your physical health.


This comes just one week after Prime Minister Theresa May made a speech about her plans to end the stigma of such issues, overhaul youth services and offer training to schools in mental first aid. She also wants to build closer ties between schools and the NHS.


Sue Baker from the Time to Change charity welcomes the coverage being given by public figures and Politicians. Speaking to Birmingham Eastside, she says “this is an encouraging sign. The sooner we can get people the right help and support, the sooner we can work on recovery and prevent struggles throughout adult life”

“Generation after generation mental health has been the poor relation to physical health and that needs to stop”


Birmingham mental health writer and Blogger Ella Robson is sceptical about how the new plans are going to be paid for as the Conservative government “have been quick to cut funding for mental health services in the past”. However, like Baker, she is pleased that the Royal trio are aiding the cause by promoting a national discussion.


Heads Together is the charity of the year for the 2017 London Marathon.

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