Birmingham: The third worst city in education growth in West Midlands

on January 12, 2017

The performance in the last school year 2015/2016 doesn’t show very good results for West Midland schools according to an education survey.

The region has been one of the worst in the UK in growth in quality education, getting 82% pupils in good or outstanding schools, when other regions like London or North West achieved between 92 and 94 percentage points.

Also, Birmingham, being the biggest city in the West Midlands and the second in England, didn’t have a good performance either: 82% of pupils were attending to good school in 2015/2016 just two positions behind the city that grew less in the number of kids in outstanding schools in West Midland: Walsall with 73%. The area where kids in these school grow the most was Telford and Wrekin, from 53 in the period 2011/2012 to 95 in 2015/2016.

The low number of kids in better schools could be related with other information from Ofsted that reveal how in 2016 just 49% of West Midlands pupils achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics, the lowest performance region besides Yorkshire and the Humber.

Since the first time that this report was produced (2011/2012) the quality of primary schools has increased significantly in all the UK. In the last scholar period that has been analysed (2016), 91% of schools in the country were rated as good or outstanding, in comparison with the 69% achieved 5 years ago.

The average of children attending to these outstanding schools has increased in a remarkable way the past few years, increasing in 1.8 million the number pupils in these centres.

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