WATCH: Birmingham Cathedral hosts performing students

on January 11, 2017

Students from four Birmingham City University (BCU) schools showcased art installations at St. Phillip’s Cathedral. They performed music and poetry and offered interactive activities to visitors of the city landmark site.

Watch Martin White, member of the Cathedral Arts Group, talk about how the performances impacted on the visitors:

Original music, visuals and poetry on display

The students displayed four installations in four corners of the cathedral, while playing original music on the loudspeakers. They built their pieces of visual art, wrote the poetry and composed the music over the course of 12 weeks as part of a BCU pilot project.

Listen to the original piece composed by Joshua Dowling, Birmingham Conservatoire student. The images show all the four different art projects on display in two sessions, morning and afternoon, on Wednesday January 11th 2017.

The freedom to explore art concepts

The participants worked in four groups, called Spectrum, Tranquility, Victus and Kaleidoscope. The groups were put together to combine the strengths of their different academic backgrounds: the School of English, the Conservatoire, the School of Media, and the School of Visual Communication.

Watch Victus performance with spoken word and their visual art in motion:


Joe Rhodes, from Birmingham Conservatoire, member of Tranquility group, talks about what he enjoyed most:

“It’s been nice to be in a group of creatives and to just have the freedom to be able to explore whatever concepts come to us and to have fun with it really.”

From group identity to audience impact


Birmingham Cathedral offered the space to Birmingham City University as background and inspiration for the new collaborative project initiated this year. The students involved participated in weekly sessions to present, discuss and confront their ideas. As part of their weekly sessions, guests were invited to talk about cultural project management, health and safety issues, group identity and audience impact.

A new similar project has been announced by the 3 leading professors (John Wigley, Phil Thomson and Thomas Knowles) for the second semester of the academic year.




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