75% of crimes around Halesowen schools are not resolved

on December 6, 2016

There were 89 street crimes recorded between January 2016 and August 2016 in Halesowen’s school areas and 75% had remained unresolved.


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40% of the crimes were with no suspect identified, while 30% were described as police being unable to prosecute a suspect.

In addition, the crime data from the 8-month period shows there are 5% of all outcomes described as ‘under investigation’.

There were also 13 counts of anti-social behavior recorded but there’s no information on their outcome.

Bicycle theft, drugs, and vehicle crime were the offences most likely to have an outcome of not identifying a suspect in the postcode areas of 15 of Halesowen’s schools.

The second most frequent police outcome ‘unable to prosecute suspect’ referred to thefts in 55.5% of the cases.


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