Muslim woman receives note on London tube praising her veil

on December 4, 2016

Umm Abduallah received a note from a stranger on a busy tube commute in central London’s King Cross station, praising her for wearing a full face veil.

Abdullah posted a picture on Instagram detailing her encounter. She was on the busy tube in London when a woman slipped her a note as she left the train, telling her she looked “like a full moon”.

Abdullah post quickly went viral and has been shared around the world.

Today I was sitting on the train and as usual there was the odd few people staring at me, which i don't mind, as some do it out of curiosity, maybe feeling sorry for me, or even out of hate due to their ignorance. So there was this one woman I noticed in particular sitting opposite me. I could see from the corner of my eye that she was looking at for me for a while. Everytime I'd glance back at her to smile, she would quickly look away. as funny as it may seem she wasn't very good at disguising it. Anyways, the glances kept exchanging back and forth throughout the journey until I gave up trying to make an effort. I guessed we came to her stop when she picked up her bag and stood up. To my surprise she then leaned forward towards me and slipped a folded note into my hands. for a split second I was scared of the thought of even opening it, not knowing what to expect. is it a childish attempt at mocking me? a death threat? or maybe chewed piece of gum folded inside. So I looked around confused. I opened it, and to my suprise it was the most beautiful and heart warming 15 worded note I've ever read in my life… This incident made me think that in a world that may often seem harsh, full of war and conflict, there might still be some hope. May Allah guide her to Islam and may we be a means of establishing peace in this world. AMEEN.

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Umm Abdullah talks about her commute and the “Odd few people staring” at her.

One particular woman caught her glance. “Every time I’d glace back at her to smile she’d quickly look away.”

Umm Abdullah describes the note at being “The most beautiful and heartwarming 15 worded note I’ve ever read in my life.”

The note reads:

“You look beautiful in your veil. just like the full moon in the night sky. Alice xxx.”


Muslim hate crime has seen a rise around the world, so Abdullah says “There might be still some hope.”

However, hate crime against Muslims is still on a high. The BBC reported a 70% increase in hate crime against Muslims in London, while Birmingham has seen a 50% increase.

I spoke with Sumia Salem, a Birmingham resident who says she was verbally abused last week while waiting for the 37 Birmingham bus.

“I was waiting on the bus when a woman approached me about the veil I was wearing. She told me to leave Islam and join Christianity. I declined. Soon two other women joined in and started berating me.”

If you or someone you know has been a victim of hate crime call 999 to report it.


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