Amazon releases ad that is the first of its kind, featuring imam and priest

on November 16, 2016


Amazon released it’s new Black Friday and Christmas advert this Wednesday featuring an imam and a priest exchanging gifts.

The advert is part of a series of speechless adverts which stress the idea of “selflessness and thinking of other people.”

The advert shows the two childhood friends, now in their old age, chatting over a cup of tea, when they notice they both share the same issue, pain in their knees.

Unbeknownst to each other, they both order each other the same gift of knee pads later that day from the Amazon app,to help with the pain when kneeling.

The next day they are both shown receiving the parcel and using the knee pads while in prayer with the imam in the mosque and the priest in his church.

The advert is shot in the UK and features a real priest and imam.

The advert is apparently the first of it’s kind. There has never been an advert that has featured a Muslim cleric in the US or UK.

A spokesman for Amazon told The Independent: “Our casting reflects this: the gentleman playing the vicar is a practisig vicar in London, the gentleman playing the imam is a devout Muslim and the principal of a Muslim school. We used an actual church and mosque for our scenes within the places of worship.”

Although the advert is not political it has come at an interesting time. With Muslim hate crimes on a high in both the UK and US and with Donald Trump being elected the next president, who has openly spoke about banning Muslim’s from the US, the advert is sending a message about the importance of interfaith relationships.


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