Staffordshire Bull Terrier leads the most stolen dog breed in Birmingham

on November 15, 2016

West Midlands Police have reported that since 2011, 193 dogs across 71 different breeds have been reported as stolen by owners. [Tweet this]

The figures show that since 2011, when figures first became available, there has been a 52% drop in reported cases, with the biggest fall of 21% occurring in the last 12 months.

Within the area that West Midlands Police cover, Coventry has seen the biggest proportion of thefts with 31 taking place. Followed by Sandwell and Walsall with 21 and Dudley with 18 total thefts since 2011.

Speaking to West Midlands Police, Jennie Dhanjal, who set up the West Midlands-based K9 Search UK website in 2008, said:

“In the last few weeks, we have been getting actual thefts. There was one on October 11 where a lady had gone shopping at Bilston Market and she put her shopping in the car, along with her Chihuahua.”

Whilst most areas within the West Midlands has seen a decrease in the last 12-months, Birmingham south and Walsall have both seen a minor increase in the number of reported cases.

But what are the ten most reported stolen dogs?

Staffs Bull Terrier – 45
Lurcher – 11
Dogue Du Bordeaux – 10
Pug – 7
Shar Pei – 5
Greyhound – 5
German Shepherd – 4
Siberian Husky – 4
Akita – 3
American Bulldog – 3
Chihuahua – 3

Asked about the fall in stolen dogs, a West Midlands Police spokesman said:

“Although a dog can easily go astray of its own accord, if a person is sure their dog has been stolen it is treated as a theft and therefore a criminal investigation will take place. As with all crime types it is better to take steps to prevent a theft from occurring in the first place by avoiding situations where dogs can be stolen, such as leaving them alone outside shops for example.”

A recent study by the RCPCA showed that dog breeds such as the Lurcher value at £1,500 whilst the Dogue Du Bordeaux can fetch a value upwards of £2,ooo.

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